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IV Infusion
Sandy Utah

IV Infusion contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in different quantities. What many people don’t know is that vitamins lose up to 80% of their nutritional value when taken by mouth. However, when IV fluids are directly injected into a body’s circulation, they give its cells immediate access to the nutrients they need to function their best.

Without a doubt, hydration is vital to a healthy body. Whereas that used to be accomplished by drinking a sufficient amount of water, now hydration therapy provides a more efficient approach. The advantages of it have been discovered by active, health-conscious people who have looked for ways to achieve a healthy level of hydration without having to drink a lot of water.

IV hydration therapy rapidly improves the health of skin, joints, and muscles. Also, the increase of fluids and nutrients washes away pollutants in a body and returns them to full functionality if they’ve been compromised. In emergency situations, this is extremely beneficial.

The Spa Cocktail

This powerful drip of B Complex, Calcium, and Vitamin C gets recipients up and moving asap if their bodies had become significantly dehydrated.

The Antioxidant

This is a fast and efficient way to add antioxidants that are found in many fruits and vegetables to the body. When ingested, they help to prevent or delay certain types of cell damage.

Water is the most essential element in our bodies. This drip provides a fantastic way to rev us up with 1000 cc's of fluid and electrolytes. What an excellent pick-me-up!

The Pure Hydration

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