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DHEA Therapy
Sandy Utah

DHEA, a hormone produced naturally by the adrenal glands, aids in producing testosterone and estradiol in both genders. While less potent than testosterone, DHEA remains significant, especially for males with low testosterone. It supports DHT levels in the prostate during low testosterone periods.

Post-menopause, DHEA contributes to nearly 90% of circulating sex hormones, emphasizing its importance for all. It's pivotal in generating androgens and estrogens, the primary male and female sex hormones. Production peaks around age 25 and gradually declines.


At The Spa Wellness Center in Sandy, Utah, we offer DHEA therapy, to help rejuvenate your hormone levels and elevate your overall well-being. Achieving equilibrium in hormones through DHEA therapy can lead to heightened energy levels, improved cognitive function, enhanced immune resilience, and the encouragement of a wholesome body composition.


Reclaim your energy and enhance your general state of being. Reach out to The Spa Wellness Center today to learn more about how this treatment can get you back to feeling like your best self!

DHEA therapy utah

How does DHEA therapy work?


Get started with our hormone specialist, FNP, Chris Williams, in Sandy Utah, who will be your guide to a healthier you.


DHEA therapy involves using a hormone called DHEA, produced by your adrenal glands, which serves as a building block for essential hormones like testosterone and estrogen. As we age, our natural DHEA levels decline. If you're considering DHEA therapy to address age-related health concerns, remember that DHEA is a hormone, and it's crucial to work with a healthcare expert throughout the process.


Here's a simple breakdown of how DHEA therapy works:



1. **Supplementing DHEA Levels:** DHEA supplements can be prescribed by our provider. These supplements contain a synthetic version of the hormone. By taking them, you're aiming to raise your DHEA levels, potentially counteracting some effects of aging and maintaining hormone balance.


2. **Conversion to Other Hormones:** Once in your body, DHEA can transform into other hormones like testosterone and estrogen. This occurs in various parts of your body, such as fat and muscle cells. Some individuals use DHEA therapy to elevate these hormones, which could lead to benefits like increased energy, improved mood, and enhanced sexual function.


3. **Dosing and Monitoring:** DHEA therapy is carefully managed by our healthcare provider. They will determine the appropriate dosage based on factors like age and health status. Regular monitoring of your hormone levels and vigilance for any potential side effects are vital to ensure the therapy's safety and effectiveness. You'll be in expert hands throughout the process.


Through the regulation of hormone levels, DHEA therapy has the potential to increase energy levels, enhance cognitive function, strengthen the immune system, and contribute to the maintenance of a healthy body composition.


Before embarking on DHEA therapy or any hormone-related treatments, it's crucial to consult with our healthcare professional. They will evaluate your unique health needs, discuss potential benefits and risks, and guide you towards the best path for your well-being. Your journey to a healthier you begins right here with us!

Benefits of DHEA Therapy

Hormone Balance- DHEA therapy helps balance hormone levels, particularly in those with low DHEA levels, potentially improving mood, energy, and well-being by addressing hormonal imbalances.

Sexual FunctionDHEA aids sex hormone production. Studies propose DHEA supplements could enhance sexual function and libido in men and women, especially with low DHEA levels.

Cognitive FunctionResearch hints at DHEA's positive influence on cognitive function and memory, particularly in older adults.

Anti-Aging- DHEA has been marketed as an anti-aging supplement due to its association with youthful hormone levels. It's believed to support overall vitality, energy, and physical well-being.

DepressionStudies are showing DHEA's potential antidepressant effects in those who have depression.

Immune Functions- DHEA is being studied for immune enhancement, especially in older people, with some research indicating potential support for a healthy immune response.

Bone Health- DHEA's role in bone health and density maintenance is considered, with studies indicating potential benefits for postmenopausal women in reducing bone loss and osteoporosis risk.

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